The Czech Senate & Members of RA Parliament visit the Yerevan  Zoo  

The Senate of the Parliament of Czech Republic has arrived to Armenia with an official visit to RA Government to discuss the new cooperation frames & perspectives, and one of the main activities of the official agenda was a visit to Yerevan Zoo with a delegation led by Mr. Milan Štěch, Vice – Speaker of the Senate, the Deputy Ambassador of Czech Republic to Armenia & Vice President of the National Assembly of Armenia.

The director of Dvur Kralove Zoo in Czech Republic, Mr. Premysl Rabas, well –known for his professional work in zoo community circles, was among the delegation, as he was preparing for his visit since last year, during EAZA conference.

Mr. Rabas  noted that the current improvements & changes  in Yerevan Zoo are incomparable with the previous situation he witnessed during his last visit to Yerevan. The Zoo is no more a soviet heritage as it is on its way of becoming a modern European zoo working in line with international standards.

During the visit, an agreement was reached with the Dvor Kralove Zoo to sign a Memorandum of Understanding, aimed at knowledge and experience exchange, species transfer, staff training and related fields.

The guests witnessed the positive changes in the Zoo and hoped for further cooperation in the areas of wildlife preservation & biodiversity conservation in general.

The Yerevan Zoo expresses its deep gratitude to the RA National Assembly and the Czech Embassy in Armenia for their big support in organizing the official  visit.